We apoligize but we have quit offering that product as we found it is too difficult for most people to navigate through the court system without the help of an attorney. Also, most of the inquiries came from people with complicated divorce situations. Not suitable for a DIY divorce.

If you are interested in an inexpensive Guam uncontested divorce,  then you should visit . The law firm of Gumataotao & Pole would handle all filings and court appearances.

You can start with as little as a $300 down payment if we do the interview by phone and email. Once you make the Down payment, we will prepare all your documents and email them to you. You can then pay the balance when you drop off your signed papers at the office.

Our fees for an uncontested divorce are normally $750, plus court filing fees. Court filing fees are $320 for a total of $1070. There could be additional charges, if upon speaking with you it appears much more complicated than it looks. But based on your submission, its seems very straightforward.